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intervals as Mother Page with HyperTabs

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    Let's establish Intervals is brilliant for one thing. Project management. However we need more flexibility.

    So here is my dilemma, I have Four Different Web tools. Some people probably have more or less. What I would love to do is set Intervals as my main Mother Page. (Start my morning there Everyday.) I also need to check in with my other services to find out where my day is headed. Sure it's easy to set bookmarks and open them across browser tabs. But that requires a little IT managment on every machine we have (in order to set all the bookmarks for the worker's ease of getting around without having to coach him or her).

    I would like to be able to set Tabs across the top of Intervals that open our other None Intervals related tools in an iFrame below. Our address bar could still read But the new URL will just open below the tabs.


    1. Administrators would have the ability to populate a number of tabs with the essential tools that the company usually accesses.

    2. The Tabs would be visible according to access level.

    3. Balloon pop-ups would give brief descriptions

    4. The Tabs could shrink with amount created and have balloon pop-ups reveal the URL

    5. The Tabs would always be visible and iFrame would reveal the site below.

    Any person that needs to work with your company will always have at their access the tools you need them to access with out have to take phone calls asking "Now what was the site address again?" This also gives the impression of a seamless effective business - even if you are not...

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