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Enter Key and Escape Key

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    It would be greatly appreciated if The Enter Key and Escape key had more functions through the Intervals system

    Using the enter/esc key to submit/cancel forms. I find I automatically always type something into a "text field" and my pinky hits "enter" when field is complete. I'm always disappointed when nothing happens. Isn't it possible to have every one of the text fields active for keyboard recognition? Such as correcting time on the Time Sheet, all fields across the row would respond to Enter or Escape. Applying timers, again all fields in the Javapop-up respond to Enter or Escape (in this case Escape would close the window).

    That is a great idea, and really how Intervals should work. For example, the login screen works this way. Sometimes we get so caught up in providing the latest technology for our time tracking and task management app that we forget about the little things like tabbing and the enter key. Some of that usability has been superseded by the AJAX functionality, which we've been layering in to reduce page loads. We'll be sure to layer back in the keyboard usability features for our future updates. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.

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