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    • bee
    • Sep 3rd 2008 edited @ 02/03/2011 2:21 pm

    I'm wondering what happens to the data I'm putting into Intervals over months and years. (If this has been discussed, then pardon me and point me to the thread.) I want to be sure all the data I'm putting in will be available, backed up, archived, etc. Because it sure would be handy to do comparisons a year or five down the road. I've seen that we have storage limits on files, but what about the data that will accumulate as we complete projects. And, if we find we no longer need Intervals, will the data be available for download?

    Thanks for asking. All Intervals data is routinely backed up and will remain on our servers during the duration of your stay with us. All of your data is accessible as CSV files under Settings -> Export Data. As for documents, you'll have to download them one-by-one in the Documents tab (However, you can download document meta data in the export area). Completed projects will still count toward your storage limit, however, we do plan on increasing those limits soon.

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