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Do customers complain that you're penny pinching? How much detail on that invoice?

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    • bee
    • Sep 3rd 2008

    Does anyone have customers who complain that you're nitpicking when the invoice shows the play-by-play account of their project? I've had customers that, upon receipt of their invoice, call/email with comments such as, "That only took 10 minutes. Do I get charged for every minor update?" (Answer: Yes. If you want your web company to survive. Because if there are 100 customers at 10 FREE minutes each, I've just given away over 16 hours of work!) Over the years, I've tried detailing every smidge of work, with the result that they complain as above. But, if you don't give them enough detail, they can't fathom what we did for all those hours. There has to be a middle ground here and I'd be delighted to hear others' experiences.
    The bottom line (pardon the pun) is that the customer needs to perceive the work as having a value. Somehow, back when the Internet was cooling, there was formed a general opinion that website design, development, revisions, copywriting, optimization, etc. can be done for CHEAP by anyone who has a computer. How do we gently inform the general public that professional work comes with professional prices. Professional and fair to both parties.


    This is one of the main reasons we created Intervals. We had clients who would complain about the final invoice. Typically, we don't show a whole lot of details on the final invoice. Most clients are OK with that. When we do have a client complain, we simply run a project activity report. This report breaks down the work by date or task, person, time, and description of work completed. Once the client sees this report they realize that the little things do add up, and that most of the little things were requests they made.

    If they continue to complain and 'nickel & dime' you, that's a sign that the relationship is not a good one. You are better off moving on and spending that energy on finding new clients instead.

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