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    Are the any discussions on the cost of using the software?

    I'm currently testing the software and it's really great. The layout is pretty easy to navigate and the ability to email the team/clients is awesome with some great functionality. This has definately been throught through.

    After I'm done Beta Testing, I have the issue fo cost. I personally think that the cost of the software at $36 for three projects, and $75/month to manage 15 projects, is high - $250 a month for unlimited???!!!. Between all of the fees for DSL, insurance, office, hosting, voicemail, etc, having to pay almost $100 for the ability to manage 15 projects (we have 8-12 on average going on at all times), I'm not sure I will be able to afford it. Other than my budget, I just think it is a high price to pay when there are project management systems, albeit very shabby, I can download and tweak myself.

    I know you are probably wanting to work with million-dollar companies, but I think it would be great to have a more rounded systems like, because there are more small businesses than there are companies that can pay this kind of money each month:

    3 projects - $18
    15 projects - $30
    50 projects - $60
    Unlimited - $100

    I'd have to agree somewhat with Joel. I have approximately 24 active projects right now and that puts me in the$150/mo category. I'm loving the app and am billing more time...but for the one man show $1800/year is quite a bit. You probably hate comparisons to Basecamp, but I'd be paying $49/mo there. That's quite a difference [and much more palatable].
    • Michael
    • Apr 18th 2006 edited @ 04/27/2006 11:48 am

    Thanks for the comments and we'll consider them. Our billing went up 30% when we moved away from our manual system and started using Intervals. Our thinking is that if Intervals saves you a mere 1 billable hour per week it most likely will pay for itself.

    Two other things that make Intervals affordable:
    1. As opposed to most other software in this space, pricing per project reduces the per seat license issues
    2. Internal software you have to install requires servers, backups, upgrades, patches, and man hours to deal with application maintenance. With Intervals we are doing all of that.

    Intervals is geared for small companies 5 - 10 people. We currently have 190 projects in Intervals so that's a little over $1 per project. We also will be adding document support in the more functionality for the same price.

    When we ran our pricing by our first 15 beta testers they said it was the cheapest time tracking and project management software they've seen with this much functionality. Some products in this space are in the $500 - $2000 per month range.

    We appreciate the comments and invite others to weigh in as well. We're not monolithic here and want to fine price points where everyone feels like they are getting good value from Intervals.


    After bouncing it around and talking to a lot of our betas, we decided to lower the entry level price points. We are a 10 man shop and priced it accordingly, but for 1 or 2 man shops it did seem a little high.

    When we launch in June here is how the pricing will work:

    $20 for 5 projects
    $50 for 15 projects
    $100 for 50 projects
    $175 for unlimited projects

    We feel that is very inexpensive....hopefully you agree. If you charge for you hours, finding 1 hour per week will more than pay for itself.

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