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How to disable overdue timesheet reminders

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    Maybe I'm missing out on some cool functionality, but I really don't think I need to use the "timesheet" function the way I'm utilizing Intervals. But I'm getting the notifications at the top of every screen that timesheets are due - and being one who likes to "do the right thing", I keep feeling like I should act on 'em! Is there a way to simply turn off timesheet notifications? Thanks for your help!! ;o)
    Unfortunately at this time there is not a way to disable the overdue timesheet reminders, but we will definitely add this to our list of feature requests. With the current implementation the timesheets can be approved in two clicks by going to manage timesheets >> select all >> submit >> select all >> approve. Hopefully it is not too much of a pain.
    That's actually very helpful - love the tool y'all have created!! ;o) Thanks ~ Scott
    We actually do use the overdue reminder functionality and find it very helpful in managing timely submission of reports. The longer someone goes without documenting their time, the lower the accuracy of the data. One thing we notice though is that if someone never starts their timesheet, the system will not generate an overdue notice for them. Is there a way a to trigger the reminder for these cases?
    That would be cool. However I have people that are billable and others that are not. The non billable people would be wasting their time keeping track of what they are doing. They clock in with a corporate Time Clock to keep track of their hours.
    If you are not tracking time there is one workaround that might help. If no time is tracked for a user for a given time period the overdue timesheet alert will not be issued. In essence not tracking any time will turn off the submission and approval flow. If you are tracking time and just want to turn off the approval mechanism that won't help but I thought I would mention it just in case. Also, when a timesheet is approved the week is captured exactly how it appears at that moment even if a task or the project is changed. This is done for Intervals users with compliance needs as an approved timesheet cannot be changed without unapproving it first and reapproving it. Additionally who approved the timesheet and when it was approved must be logged.

    I was able to hide it using the theme editor. Simply use the code below to hide it with CSS.

    #li_header_overdue_timesheets, #li_header_submitted_timesheets, #li_header_your_overdue_timesheets {display:none;}

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