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Automatic Invoice Reminders

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    I like Intervals quite a bit, but I'd love to see the ability for Intervals to send automatic invoice reminders to clients -- I was using another invoicing system prior to Intervals that did this, and magically, as soon as I set up automatic reminders to go out, we were no longer spending hours running down late invoices every month. Now that I've switched from that system to Intervals, after 2 months, I have over $3000 in late invoices. So now we have to spend a few hours re-sending invoices, calling the really late guys, hiring some guy name Guido to go get the money...

    Most of my clients don't mind paying their bills, but you have to prod them a bit to get them to send the payments in on time.

    Here's how I would envision this working:

    We would have to ability to set, in our preferences, how many days after the invoice date these reminders would go out. I found that three reminders worked wonders. We would also have the ability to customize the message contained in each reminder. Once an invoice is paid, reminders are no longer sent for that invoice.

    For example, our invoices are normally due 21 days net.

    So I would set up one reminder to go out to clients with an unpaid invoice after 14 days that says something like, "Hi, we love and appreciate you. Remember your invoice in due in a week. If there's anything we can do to blah blah blah..."

    At 21 days, the system sends another message, which we script to say something like, "Hi, we love you, and your invoice is due today. You can pay your invoice online at blah blah... "

    At 31 days, the system sends another message, which we scripted to say something like, "You invoice is now overdue. Please make your payment to avoid suspension of your account."

    This feature literally allowed us to 'fire and forget' our invoices, and they were ALL being paid on time with no further action from us. This was a HUGE feature for us, and I think it would significantly enhance the value of Intervals to my business.

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