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Feature Requests [Closed]

Project notes summary view

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    We have been trying to reproduce a function from our in-house project tracking/mgt homebrewed software, and one of the big gotchyas we're running into is a way to give a quick summary of all projects' current status, or even the ones updated in the last week.

    Not the task-level status, but even say a Note that's called Summary or EOW Status etc that could be used in a report view so that as folks are traveling around they can get a quick glance as to what's on time, and an asynchronous ability to help assure the owner and managers that everything's taken care of.

    There's a quick work-around of using the Description field and listing all projects, but that's just a bad kludge. A different Summary report of By Project with the hours billed/estimated, hours added this week, tasks overdue, and a newer text based status update field would be huge, and I think help a lot of folks in keeping an accurate summary of where a project is and not having to read through a dozen task descriptions and notes as well.


    Again msheldonjr and I are on the same page. As mentioned in this post:, we really could use a status field on the project and reporting so we can know what stage every project is at a glance.

    I think this post is also the same thing:

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