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Entering projects that have already been started

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    I am trying to set up our clients on
    I understand the process but am having a hard time wrapping my mind around how to set up billing for projects already started.

    Are there any threads explaining this?


    Billing for projects can be updated at any time by clicking on the 'Estimated Work' link under Projects. This is where you can adjust the hourly rates and estimated time for each type of work. Your reports, projects, tasks, and time will all be updated in real-time.

    If you have a billing system in place and are looking to migrate to Intervals invoicing you may want to move over all of the projects so you can manage the work, track time, etc. but finish out the invoicing for those projects in the current system. At the project level you can add a payment without an invoice to make the project financials right in Intervals.

    If you need to move over legacy time for the project you could always add it all to a fictional user. We have Archie Conklin as a user so if we run reports we know that all of that time was in a previous time tracking system. This isn't ideal, but until we get the time import and API built it may be an OK work around.

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