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Calendars and actual time entry

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    I know you're working on a new calendar module so this may be redundant - what I would like is regular calendar views - year view, month view, day view - can zoom out to see rough plans, in to see detail - you go into month or week or day view and right click and your task screen pops up to enter the task related info and estimated time - conversely if you start a timer it doesn't just start a stopwatch, but actually records the real start time (9:13 am) and starts a bar on the calendar day at that time - when you end the timer and enter the task/project info it's automatically linked in to the bar on the calendar.
    All of your great back-end stuff is still there and reportable - it's just the interface would be a bit more intuitive in terms of WHEN the task is being done in addition to the HOW LONG of it.
    Really looking forward to becoming more familiar with your system - it's really helping me a lot to stay focused!
    Thanks. Craig.

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