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Help - CSS in my account pages not working (other websites fine)

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    Hello all,

    Just started using Intervals yesterday - getting it going nicely - this morning it was working fine and then the CSS stopped working - really hard to work with the old standard formatting. All other sites I go to my CSS is fine.
    Could it have been turned off somewhere accidentally?
    Any help appreciated! Craig.


    Is the problem still happening or has it cleared up? Everything looks fine on our end.

    If the problem is still happening is it possible to find the "find a bug" link that is typically in the footer. If so, submitting a bug that way will give us a lot of diagnostic information to help troubleshoot the problem.

    Also, you may want to try going to My Account >> Reset Cache if the navigation is solid enough to allow it. This will turn off all of the optimizers and will force your browser to update. That may clear it up as well.


    Hi Michael,

    Of course as soon as I sent the message I started going through my system - a glitch in the cached files - reset and all is working fine now!
    Have a great day. Craig.

    No wories...good to hear it has cleared up :).

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