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New to Intervals? Have questions or need help? [Closed]

Ability to schedule resources?

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    This looks like a fantastic tool, but I can't see a way to schedule resources and look at a schedule of their allocation. For example: I'd like to schedule Will, Robin, and Kathy for certain tasks well in advance, say, four weeks from now. Is there a way to view a schedule of all tasks and look ahead to my resource load/availability in four weeks?

    Also, I understand there's a calendar schedule in the works. How close it to actual delivery?

    Finally, is there an ability to set dependencies on tasks, so that if a task slides a few days, all dependent tasks slide as well, as in traditional PM solutions?

    If the answer to all of these question is "yes", or "coming soon", I'll have no choice but to sign up!


    Thanks for the post and my apologies on a tardy response. Here are a few comments on the items above.

    Resource Allocation
    Intervals does not feature traditional resource allocation. We are working on a periscope report that will show how much work has been assigned vs. how much is done, but it is different than the resource allocation found in traditional project management (no resource leveling for example). It is meant to answer the question of "how much work do we have on the books" and can be filtered by client, person, project, etc. It may or may not do the trick depending on your needs.

    Calendar / Milestones / Scheduling
    This week we will be sending a feature preview email to current Intervals account owners and also posting an update on the blog. We will release screenshots of what we have in the works and will ask for feedback and comments. Depending on how the comments go will tell us how close we are :)

    Task Dependencies
    We used to use Microsoft Project heavily for all of our projects and we found that we spent too much time tending to and tuning the schedule. Intervals deliberately does not have task dependencies the way traditional project management solutions work. Via trial and error we found that Gantt charts are great at scheduling and articulating the steps to build something, but aren't that useful managing the day to day tasks of getting the work done. Intervals is very strong on the task tracking and getting things done side, but weak on the schedling side. The milestones and light scheduling piece we are working on will strengthen up the scheduling side quite a bit. You will be able to create a milestone, attach tasks to it, and manage the tasks and milestones via a calendar view. You will be able to drag and drop and move tasks and milestones around. It is definitely not traditional task dependencies, but it is a different want to approach the issue.

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