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Feature Requests

Marking and Colorizing Invoices - Keeping track of certain invoices

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    Tasks have the ability to colorize urgencies. I believe this will help us figure out what invoices are more urgent than others. (I know that the exclamation graphic is supposed to do this, but I don't think it stands out so much. especially since it shows up right away if you make the invoice due immediately). The Urgency Color gives us the ability to decide what is more relevant.

    Of course I think this should be customizable considering the differing problems with collections each company meets.

    Light Blue - Not a problem
    Green - Go Get your money
    Yellow - Delinquent
    Orange - Break some Knee caps
    Red - Send to collections
    Black - Bad Debt

    Also a nice thing would be marking the Invoices. Marking them (with a check box or something) tells us we have already reviewed this in our Invoice meetings. We can check and uncheck and the cookie can be set to each personal computer.

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