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Referral Program / Affiliate Program

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    We have received several requests this week to create a referral program for current Intervals customers. There are a lot of different ways to setup referral programs. You could get a credit on your account or you could get paid via Paypal. We would definitely want to do something that is straightforward and makes sense.

    We could add a Referral Program link within all Intervals accounts and provide the creative materials and customize links so that you get credit for new sign-ups. We could even show statistics on your referrals directly within this section. Would that be invasive and annoying or would that be ideal?

    If a referral program interests you at all, it would be great to hear your ideas on the best way to set it up.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts - Michael


    I think this would be great. As a matter of Fact we met a potential Client of ours recently and they are creatives over at Vivendi Games. They said they would love to check this out and I said I think If I refer you, then I get some credit.

    So I got a good lead, You wanna start this referral thing early?


    Sounds great. I've managed a similar system using iDevAffiliate, you might look there for ideas as I think they've done a nice job of covering all the bases without overcomplicating everything.

    This would definitely be a great addition to the service. I am promoting intervals already by word of mouth, and will probably put a link in my resource list soon.

    A credit to my account would be good, I guess it would just depend on how much the program would return. For instance, if my link had enough activity to bring me say, $50 a month, that would more than pay my monthly fee, but to a bigger corporate user, it would just help theirs a good bit. So a payout through paypal or otherwise would probably get you more attention from small users like myself.

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