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Managers need to Estimate time

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    • jnhearne
    • Apr 29th 2008 edited @ 04/29/2008 12:53 pm

    My managers can see a lot when I allow them to get access to a project.

    They can see:

    • Total billable work work

    • Outstanding Balance

    • invoices

    Why wouldn't my managers be able to Estimate the amount of work being done? I don't have time to insert every single estimation.
    • Michael
    • May 1st 2008 edited @ 05/09/2008 2:23 pm

    It may be helpful to briefly discuss the manager user level back story. The manager level user was not one of the original user levels when Intervals launched. The manager user level came to be from feedback from Intervals users who were looking to have someone run with a project that the company had landed. The most common scenario being a subcontractor.

    To give a real-life example, say an ad agency lands a web design job that they sub out. They can make the primary person at the web design shop a manager level user. In this scenario the ad agency is setting the budget and the web shop is fulfilling the contract. The web shop can see how many hours they have to work with, but they cannot change the budget.

    I can see it both ways to be honest. Here is another discussion about more granular control of users levels if anyone wants to weigh in.

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