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Merge worktypes

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    Is there away to merge worktypes in the Default settings?

    For Example: One of my partners added a worktype that was already there. So now Work is being split up on a project between the exact same worktype. So all time is being inaccurately seperated.

    Also we are about to do some overhauling on worktypes. We have a bid sheet we are trying to match and vice versa to make seemless bidding and project managing happen. If we were to merge the worktypes this would be helpful.

    Unfortunately there is not a way to merge work types at this time. That is a tough one because the process of cleaning things up would be extremely laborious. Intervals deliberately locks approved time to make it difficult to move. The intent is to catch and clean data on the weekly approvals. I am thinking out loud, but once the API goes live (currently under development) I wonder if there can be a way to utilize it for mass edits.

    I just wanted to second Michael's comment on the API. As we build out more of the API we will definitely allow users to update data in whatever way they would like. Although this example would be an advanced use of the API, it would be doable. We have the foundation of the API developed and hope to soon launch some basic views and lists. As we develop the more advanced data manipulation parts of the API, we'll keep this example in mind.

    The reason I say it is advanced is that you would have to make several API calls to achieve this. In theory, you would do something like this:
    1. Query a list of worktypes
    2. Note the ID of the default worktype that other worktypes will be merged into
    3. Query a list of time entries using the old worktype ID
    4. Update each time entry with the new worktype ID

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