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Edit Email - New email alert sent out?

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    If I change the Email of a user (all levels) does Intervals send out a new alert email letting that person know they have a new email address? Or is the only alert sent out (when creating a "new person") when you first create the user?

    The reason I ask, I got some vendors that I pay large sum totals by contract to and their price is set. They will not work over or under so I can easily keep up with the amount of money (hours) they put in. I would like it to be reflected in my projects.

    When I add them they do not need to know they have a new account. So I put one of my dummy emails in to avoid the instant "Welcome" email that get's sent out.

    But If I go and edit the email, there will not be an alert? correct?

    Correct. If the username OR password changes an email will be sent with new login credentials, but if any other field is changed (name, email, address, etc.) an email does not go out.
    • jnhearne
    • Apr 28th 2008 edited @ 04/28/2008 5:04 pm
    Is there anyway to have control over that email - whether it goes out or not?
    Unfortunately, not at this time.

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