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Profit and Loss by Project

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    We recently received the following feature request:

    A job profit and loss. The ability to produce a budget for hourly production is great. It would be good to be able to budget for the expenses. Then we could combine the estimated vs actual to include the expenses, estimated vs actual and there is the P+L

    Thoughts? Would you use it?
    Yes it could be essential, did you develop it at this time. I would have a way to know how is the profit for every project. I don't know how other do to calculate the profit but everything is in myintervals but the profit generate by project or customer. Thanks!
    Thanks for your vote on this feature. We will take it into consideration for the reporting section of Intervals. Anyone else out there see this as a useful feature for managing projects and billing clients?
    my vote is to focus on other project management improvements first. P&L would be getting into the accounting realm...
    Since we use Intervals for invoicing, it seems pretty critical to look up profit this way. We were used to being able to do that in QuickBooks before.
    Michael, I am looking exactly for a PM software with this specific capability. For small companies, with a simple accounting, the inclusion of this feature would make Intervals the one and only management software. Regards
    Glad to see more people chiming in with support for this type of report. We'll be considering whether or not to add this report in the reports section. In the meanwhile, please also show your support for this feature by logging into your Intervals account and clicking on the feature request link.

    JReeve -

    This would be useful to us, but not as useful as some of the other planned enhancements. iCal integration and recurring tasks are two that would be more useful to us, for instance. The other thing that is not on your roadmap that would be 100x more useful to us is being able to see planned v. actual level of effort, since that's how we really determine whether a project has been brought in under cost. Intervals works well for T&M project, but not for flat bid projects (95% of our business)

    I will look forward to when you have an enhanced system that will allow such comparative votes to be cast.

    The Estimated Work (estimated vs. actual) and the task estimates for comparing planned work to actual work. The estimated vs actual graphs on the project dashboard will show you the number of hours completed. Meanwhile, we will be launching a new report this week that will graphically show projects on a timeline and the percentage of completion for each one (think Gantt chart but not as complex).

    my apologies john -

    I meant to say estimated v. actual progress towards completion. For instance, we estimated that a project would take 100 hours and now, at the 80 hour mark, we are 95% complete - or at the 80 hour mark we are only 50% complete.

    Intervals can only estimate percentage of completion by hours tracked vs hours estimated. It is the only method for measuring effort that we have implemented to date. The new periscope report launching this week will show percentages of each project completed based on time tracked vs time estimated. The percentages on the project list are based on project budget and show the amount of billable work completed compared to the overall project budget.

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