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Close or Delete Tasks in Succession.

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    By mistake I found a way to close tasks one after the other with our needing to click and go back to the "all" task column view to select your next task you want to close.

    This is how I did it. And maybe this can be turned into a feature. "Mass task close" or "Next task/Previous task" link.

    1. Task View. Click on the first task you want to close.
    2. the Url will read -
    3. Close it. (or delete it)
    4. Now look at the url. "view" has been replaced by "close" to read -
    5. Change the number at the end to match the number for the next task you want to close - e.g. 447 -> 448.
    6. Once you type return or enter a new page will come up with that Next task already closed.

    Be careful when using this because you will not get the "Are you sure?????" - Accept or Cancel - Prompt. It will just close it.

    Also for this to be effective, (since task numbers are given in numerical order and if you make other tasks at different times, your task numbers could be a little random pertaining to that one project) you need to be sure that the task you actually want to close IS the next numbered task. So maybe it would be a good idea to jot them down on a post-it before executing this method of closing. Just to be extra sure.

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