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Exporting Time

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    • dscisco
    • Mar 21st 2008 edited @ 03/22/2008 7:07 am

    Hi Michael,
    I see that I can export time under the Settings tab but I am not sure what the range for this is (it all time for everyone?) I am wondering if you plan to add a "export this list to CSV" option to the "approved" Timesheet page so that we can export our timesheets each week and then import into Quickbooks.

    The time export in the Settings section does indeed export all time (everyone and all projects). We do have plans to layer in additional export to CSV functionality for the timesheets and manage timesheets sections.

    ## Update ##

    We just added export to CSV on the timesheet detail page and the manage timesheets page. The timesheet page will export all of the details just like the page looks and the manage timesheets page just exports the billable, unbillable, and total amounts.

    Please give it a whirl and let us know if it will do the trick.


    hi Michael,

    Is it possible to export billable date as a CSV for a particular project based on the 'Closed' status of a task?
    For our business, some projects spread over a few months and we like to bill in stages.



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