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Ways to use Intervals

Intervals used as a communication tool, not just a time/task tracker

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    • Michael
    • Mar 12th 2006 edited @ 09/06/2007 10:07 am

    One of our beta clients who manages a Quality Assurance department for a software company, pointed out how Intervals has helped her stay in the loop with what her team is working on. Here’s what she says…
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    "In my arena, we don’t bill for our work. We use Intervals to see where our time is going, but more importantly, I use it to stay in the loop with what my team is working on. I like my team to work independently without me asking what they’re doing all the time, so I use Intervals to stay in the loop...and let me tell you, it is awesome!

    My favorite report is the Summary Report. I just pick a certain time period, sort by person and I see what everyone, including myself, has worked on. I read their comments for the work done and I feel like I know more of what is going on. It’s great!"

    - Jen
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