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Expense Report

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    Intervals has very basic expense tracking at the project level. These expenses get pulled into the amount of work being done and invoicing, but there is not a distinct expense report. Would you use an expense report? If so, what would you like to see on it in an ideal world?

    Yes, because it depends upon the country and client as to how you're going to handle expense, based on whether it is taxable income. Need to be able to toggle it on the invoice, and, to be able to print a separate report regarding all expenses. Further, expenses should be able to be associated with tasks as appropriate, for tracking.

    RIck Cogley


    For me, expenses are the area where I'd most like to see development. At present expenses are very closely coupled to projects, but this is only part of the story.
    What I need is the ability for all individuals to enter their expenses (so they can be repaid by the company) preferably alongside their time entry AND identify which project they belong to (so the client can be invoiced). The actual cost and the invoiced value may be different. So the important report I am looking for is by individual by time period so they can get their money back. I'm happy with the way expenses get into the invoices.


    I agree with Rick and Ian,

    we would at least need to filter the Expenses by Time, better enter Expenses like time on Projects, Tasks etc. and handle the Reports like time reporting on Project Person etc.
    In Germany we have different VAT Percentages for expenses would be nice if we could enter the field Total Amount VAT ,Percent VAT and get Net Amount Expenses this would really ease Invoicing and repayment by person.


    I would very much like to see an expense report. We need to see what we've paid out at the end of the month, who we've paid it to, and what projects the expenses went to. This would enable much easier bookkeeping when it comes time to transfering expenses into Quickbooks, if we could just have an expense report we could copy in.

    Currently I have to try to remember which projects the expenses went to and track them down, which is time-consuming.


    Definitely! Expenses not only have to be tracked for budget tracking to be accurate, but also for personal reimbursements... So it would be great if expenses also had fields for 1. Person, 2. Reimbursable? and then if reports could be generated for expenses (across all projects, filterable by client, dates, project, person, or reimbursable/not reimbursable.

    Michael - you asked that question about 3.5 years ago... Any word on progress? Thanks!


    Intervals is still light on tracking expenses (and accounting functionality in general) and an expenses report is not on the development plan at this time but it is being considered. Intervals is very much geared toward tracking client facing revenue but expenses can currently be added directly to projects. There is a fee column that is used in the project calculations and it can include a markup. The fee is what the client is paying. Fees show up in the project landscape report and the project activity report if "with fees" is selected in the "both" drop down menu. Also, the project landscape report does show total expenses for each project. If you just need total per project without a date range it might be an option but it sounds like you want more granularity. After running the report be sure to click on the "budget & invoices" tab and the report can be exported to a spreadsheet and then manipulated if needed. For example:

    Project Landscape Report - Expenses Column

    I agree with other expenses linked to either tasks or milestones would be great!
    My Boss is looking for a "balance" on the grant we are doing. That means billable hours plus other expenses. In the dash board report it only shows a "balance" on billable hours. In the project you can load the total cost. Seems to me it should be easy to subtract expenses and billable hours from that figure and post it on the dashboard

    Just an FYI a new Expenses report was added as part of the October 2012 Intervals update. More information is available here on the blog.

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