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Add Second Tax Rate - Canadian GST and Quebec PST Taxes

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    • Michael
    • Mar 7th 2008 edited @ 03/07/2008 10:01 am

    We recently received a requests to support Canadian GST and PST taxes. We are contemplating adding a second default tax amount to the invoice defaults. This would allow you to create and name two default taxes. For people that only need one tax the second tax would never be used, but for those that need two taxes it would make managing invoices easier by having a true secondary tax.

    In the mean-time, this shortcut may be helpful:

    Canada: Provincial rates is nominally 7.5%, but is also applied to the federal 5% GST so effectively 7.875%

    It would be great to get feedback on the secondary tax feature. Would you use it? Any other ideas on how to execute this and keep it easy to use?


    It looks like the second tax is calculated differently in each province, as explained in this page:


    we need a second taxes field!
    i cant use invoicing without it!



    In Québec, (Canada)
    we need two taxes fields....:

    goods and services tax (GST) and Québec sales tax (QST) apply to most purchases or leases of property or services. GST is calculated at the rate of 5% on the selling price. QST is calculated at the rate of 7.5% on the price including GST.

    For a $100 taxable purchase, the consumption taxes are calculated as follows: Selling price $100.00
    GST ($100 x 5%) $5.00
    QST ([$100 + $5] x 7.5%) $7.88
    Total $112.88

    Thanks for the update and formulas on tax percentages. We are considering adding a second tax field which would apply a second tax to the total. Meanwhile, it looks like the formula produced the equivalent of 7.88% of the total, which is close to the 7.875% in the above post. We'll work on getting that second tax field added in. Meanwhile, I would suggest using a flat rate of 7.875%. Thanks again for the feedback on this issue.
    If you're evaluating making changes to the sales tax features of the system, you might want to also allow definition of invoice line items as taxable or non-taxable. (I'm still evaluating the system but didn't come across this feature.) For us, professional services are non-taxable whereas any sales of goods are taxable. Without having this ability, we would be forced to turn off the sales tax feature in the system and calculate taxes by hand, including them as seperate line items in the invoice.

    The second tax rate piece is officially live. If you log into your account and navigate over to Options >> Settings & Defaults >> Default invoicing there is an option to enable the second tax rate. When enabled it will be applied to all new invoices. Look for it in the Terms & Tax Defaults section:

    Term & Tax Defaults
    Second Tax:

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