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Discount Hourly Rates for a Project

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    If you have a project and need to discount the hourly rates, this can be done in Project Profile >> Estimated Work.

    # Profile
    * Estimated Work
    * Modules
    * Team

    The right column has the discount functionality:

    When applying the discount the rates will be updated and you will have the option to confirm or deny the discount.

    Hourly discounts can be useful in a variety of way. We use them for our Maintenance contracts because we give various discounts for purchasing buckets of hours up front. Discounting the rate is easier than setting up a bunch of different default work type and rate combos for each contract.

    Is there a way to not make the discount distructive of the original book rate? e.g. Take the Discount off in case the client violates the agreement?
    • MPH
    • Sep 11th 2008

    How do I remove a discount? I was going to give a client a big discount, but I changed my mind.

    How do I get my Hourly Rate back to 100%

    Unfortunately, there is not great way to remove a discount. Intervals will accept a markup/premium by enter a negative discount (like -5%), but that won't get back to the original. Manually editing each rate is probably the best bet.
    • MPH
    • Sep 12th 2008
    Thanks Michael! Manually editing the rate back to normal did the trick.

    i was worried about the note "discount will apply to all future AND PAST billing"

    i tested it, and it appears to actually work differently. the discount applies to all UN-INVOICED time. it doesn't appear that the discount will affect any previous invoice.

    so, if you don't want to affect previous work, just invoice it first. but the language should probably be changed to say that it applies to all future and current UN-INVOICED time.

    Thank you for the caveat. Please note that time tracked within Intervals does not have an "invoiced" status associated with the time data. An invoice is saved off when it is created and "lives on its own" for lack of a better term. Since an invoice is saved off at the point in which it was created it will not be impacted by changing the rates at the project level. All financial calculations and reports that rely on multiplying actual hours by rates will be impacted (Project Activity Report, Project Dashboard, Estimated vs. Actual Report, etc.). The discount impacts the work and not necessary the billing.
    just to make sure, does that mean you could accidentally bill for the same item on multiple invoices? or is there a check to make sure that time entries are only on one invoice.

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