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Weekly Time Entry

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    Hi Gurus,

    I am new to Intervals, started using it recently. I liked this tool very much (after being evaluated a ton). I have few pertinent questions and hoping someone could help me get through them.

    1. Is there a way to enter the time for the entire week, than having to enter time one after the other. A good subset of my team works off-line and would want to enter the time for the entire week in a single-go for all customers/projects than being the "One Entry at A Time" approach.

    2. Secondly, As my team is off-line, I was wondering is there any "Desktop Integration Tool" available where my team can track data using that tool working off-line, and upload the data to the server (all week's worth of data) in a single-go.

    I would greatly appreciate any help.

    Good Day Fellas!



    Figured I'd put my two cents.

    The "Week at a time" Entry technique sounds like a good idea, but should be approached with some caution. If people have the choice to enter time at the end of the week, then the detailed description will be lost and the time accrued could possibly be bogus. Thus making the business pay more for work that wasn't actually done. This is kind-of what we were already doing when we working with paper.

    I would be concerned if my employees had this option.

    Intervals was built with the online user in mind, but we are presently contemplating offline options as well. We appreciate the feedback and encourage thoughts from others as well.
    This would be helpful for us as well. I travel all week and am not always online. I put time into my Blackberry each day and then have to enter into my timesheet at the end of the week. the way the time entry is set up right now is pretty time consuming...It would be much better if we were able to import from csv OR even if it were set up as "rows" of entry like the module entry instead of "one at a time" pop ups.
    We are Intervals users and would also like to add our vote for “week at a time” entries and/or upload solutions. Thank you.

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