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Invoice Section - Choice: Invoice a Client or a Project

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    I made a post about small jobs are making invoicing hard for my Accounting department to keep up with.

    Creating a Project for something that will cost only 500 dollars is overkill. especially if it's a same day delivery. Each of these jobs are so different in what the client expects.

    To go through the trouble of making a project so you can make an invoice takes more time than to do the actual job.

    I would love to be able to fire off an invoice that has client info and an easy line item.

    I would also like this feature. I bill my clients monthly for all the outstanding charges. It would be great to have an "Invoice All" facility.

    Thanks for the ideas. The primary reason that invoices are tied to projects is one of permissions. Intervals relies heavily on giving users access to each project. If something like an invoice were to span multiple projects, it becomes difficult to ascertain who should have access to that invoice and who should not. This doesn't mean we disagree with the idea, it's just that it is more of a challenge to figure out.

    We do receive this request often and are brainstorming some creative ways we might be able to address this issue. Meanwhile, we recommend using the outstanding balances report to make creating per project invoices easier on you.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming.

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