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People Section - Jump To: Pull down filter

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    • jnhearne
    • Feb 21st 2008 edited @ 02/21/2008 3:55 pm

    It would be nice to have a "Jump to:" filter pull down to go to the next person you want to edit. Instead of clicking to go back to the people tab and waiting for all the people to load, you just short cut jump to the next person you want to edit.

    This would be nice as well as having a "next" or "previous" link to go to the next person.

    Any Thoughts about this? I have jumped accounts and I am now having to update a bunch of people. Intervals is moving slow and it is taking one too many clicks to update each individual. Can we add this to the list of Things to Add?
    It would be real nice to have next / previous links to jump backwards and forwards in PEOPLE with out having to constantly go back to the list. Can this get put in? it would really reduce the number of clicks.

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