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Private Documents - kind of like how private project notes work

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    Today we received this feature request:

    We attach a lot of money sensitive documents to the project such as estimates and wrap sheets and I think it would be best to keep those to the administrative viewing only. It would be nice to have a key lock on documents as well more than just the notes because we would like to keep the numbers to ourselves.

    I am curious to get thoughts from others on this feature. Would you use it?

    We have a very similar need, but we use project level access to control this. For example, we have a "Pelago Bookkeeping" project and only three people have access to that project since it contains very sensitive information.
    Yes. I would definitely use this. It would be great if there was notifications that got sent out as well. (I know I keep on this, but I think it's important)
    • astanton
    • Jun 3rd 2008 edited @ 06/03/2008 10:58 am

    I think this would be great. I have so many different work arounds, but this would reduce it for sure. Big supporter of this!!!!

    I've been trying to do the seperate project thing, but documents don't always get the proper information on them to refer back to the project it was intended for. Some docs, like contractor invoices, don't make any reference to job number or job title. This is annoying. When the invoice is attached to the job, we know exactly what it is for.

    Is it possible to have private documents by individual users not visible by other users but open to admin?

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