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Document upload Notification - Specify User(s)

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    This thing sorely needs the ability to email notifications to not just the Project Manager, but to others as well. We usually have 3 or 4 Project managers at times because our Projects are so large. They specifically handle certain tasks and teams. All those project managers need to have notification. But alas it will only email 1.
    • jnhearne
    • Feb 8th 2008 edited @ 06/29/2015 7:13 am
    I'm Back. I responded to another with this

    So I was looking at the People area recently and I see "Document Upload" under notifications. Is this something new or have my eyes been deceiving me this whole time. Was this added recently? So any body who has this checked will get Document upload notification? Or is it only if they are a manager of that project still?

    Don't know why this doesn't seem like something that everyone reading would like to have. Please add your comment so this can be seen as a popular addition. I would love to specify who involved with the project (besides the project manager) gets notification of uploads.

    • Michael
    • Mar 5th 2008 edited @ 03/05/2008 4:42 pm

    The document uploads email preference has been there, but the functionality doesn't notify everyone. There are two scenarios for the "document upload" email preference:

    1. Owner and Assignee on a task - if a document is uploaded to a task and you are either the owner or the assigneee you will get a notification email unless the preference is disabled. This works just like the "task comments" email preference.

    2. Managers of projects - if a user has been selected as the manager of a project they will get alerted each time a "project document" is uploaded to the project unless the preference is disabled...very similar to the new project notes preference.

    I'm not opposed to the functionality, but I am concerned it would add more email notifications and preferences. This would be the first "email all" scenario as well so it is unique. Feedback from others would be greatly appreciated. Would document notifications for the entire project team be helpful or add more clutter?

    One other tidbit, we recently added the ability to email executive user comments:

    (here is a blog post on executive user emails)
    We are contemplating expanding this functionality so that others within a project team can be notified about tasks comments. If we go in that direction it seems like a similar mechanism could be used for document uploads.

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