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Import time on an individual timesheet

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    We have plans to allow for easier ways to get data into Intervals (client import, etc.). Today we received this feature request and it would be great to get thoughts from others on whether or not you would use a timesheet import:

    Some of our sub-contractors use non web-based timers & tracking software that produce csv files --- they do this esp when working offline. Currently they have to manually re-enter into Intervals timesheets. It would be great to be able to import time from other sources to save the manual data entry in that scenario.
    As we have discovered with trying to get time out of Intervals into a spreadsheet that is more robust, the translation is difficult. What we may call Compositing (a worktype) some one else might refer to as Composite (on their time sheet). Also some vendors/freelancers submit pdfs for their time sheets. It would be extremely difficult to get These people to use a type of cell program for keeping their time. So instead I just say, "if you want to get paid, you'll learn this way of keeping time".

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