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    • jreeve
    • Jan 10th 2008 edited @ 01/10/2008 1:14 pm

    Intervals is wonderful for tracking time spent on the core projects that define your small business. But what about those other projects? What about the creative tinkering you do on the side? What about the company excursions to the local watering hole?

    We say, “track it.” Tracking the billables and the unbillables each day will give you invaluable data and the end of each month, quarter, and year. Looking back, Intervals will tell you what percentage of your time was spent coming up with new ideas to further your business, and how much time was spent on day-to-day operations. You will soon realize how invaluable your data is in the context of all that you do.

    Using Intervals in this way will keep you accountable, help you accomplish new goals, and remind you there is more to being a small business — like those two-for-one drink specials at the local pub.

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