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How do I run a report on the amount of hours in a certain status?

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    I think I must be missing simple...

    I would like to run a report on the amount of hours in a certain status. For example: I would like to see the total hours sitting in "Verify & Close" status.

    Thanks for all the help,


    There are a lot of different ways to slice and dice data within Intervals, but a report showing hours by status does not exist.

    Feedback from others on whether or not you would use this would be great. Would you use it? Would it be a Pie chart or like the Crosschart? Would you run it per project or system wide?


    We definitely need to be able to see status in the reports.

    We have dozens of projects going on at a time and so in addition to seeing what has been billed we need to know if the task is in progress, completed, etc. It would also help in the estimated vs. actual.

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