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Feature Requests

Delete/Edit Comments in the Task - Pagenate Comments too.

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    I would love to be able to delete comments in a task. Occasionally I make a mistake and want to edit my comment. Also I want to be able to delete comments if they are ridiculous questions that didn't need to go in there in the first place.

    I would Also love to have the option to pagenate comments too. If a Job goes too long, the comments can build and build and build when it would be nice to see the 10 most recent with "Previous / Next" buttons.

    This should be an Admin level only tool.

    I agree. this would be a great feature to have.

    I agree as well. Especially with the launch of comments that executive users can view (blog entry on executive user comments). Presently, if a mistake is made the task has to be deleted.


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