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Extra text on 'Print This Page' on Project Dashboard

Bottom of Page

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    'Print This Page' style page of the project dashboard should not have the following text at the base of the page: » View detailed Estimated vs Actual report» View detailed Estimated vs Actual report
    Project reports
    Each report below will run for the life of the current project. The 'life of the project' is determined by the first and last time entry for this project. The start and end date fields will be blank on the report page when you run the report, but you can narrow down the date range if you like.

    * » Mr. Pie Chart» Mr. Pie Chart
    * » Weekly Trends» Weekly Trends
    * » Summary» Summary
    * » Crosschart» Crosschart
    * » Project Activity» Project Activity
    * » Break It Down


    Good idea. In fact, we probably should remove all links on the printed version of the dashboard page. This would include:

    » View all tasks for this project (5)
    » View hours for entire project
    » View detailed Estimated vs Actual report


    I know this post is a couple months old, but I also noticed that when printing an invoice (either to a printer or as a pdf), it shows the link from the browser, page numbers, etc. Doesn't look very polished to send to a client.

    On this topic...
    I'm still searching for the answer, but is there a way to customize invoices (in either/both the email format or/and the print screen)?


    Regarding removing the browser based page and URL related information, here are some browser related instructions on how to remove those items:

    Firefox 2
    File > Page Setup > Headers & Footers -- set everything to blank (screenshot)

    IE 6
    File > Page Setup > Blank out the Header field(screenshot)

    File > Page Setup > Blank out the Header field (screenshot)
    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2

    It basically clears out the header and footer.

    We do have plans to add an option to export to PDF without needing to print to Adobe Distiller as well that will have all of that information removed by default.

    Regarding customizing invoices, what type of customization are you looking to do? Data? Visual?


    Visual. I would rather just email or pdf an invoice right from Intervals rather than re-enter the data into a branded layout in another app.

    Thanks for the tips on printing...don't know why I didn't think of that! (doh!)

    What about even just being able to upload letterhead that appears as a bg image on the print layout? I could lay it out with my custom header/footer to work around the placement of the fields. Thoughts?


    The direct to PDF piece is definitely missing. This is true for all reports and not just invoices. We do have this on our radar.

    Regarding uploading letterhead, we have plans to allow more customization of the invoice. Specifically, the ability to upload an invoice specific logo (as opposed to using the logo attached to the Intervals account) and also add legalese or default copy to each invoice. It is not quite full template control, but it is a step in that direction.


    Today we cleaned up the print this page on the dashboard page so that it does not grab the tool tip help copy.

    The straight to PDF piece should go live in a week or two.

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