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Customized Severities

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    • Michael
    • Nov 26th 2007 edited @ 01/11/2008 10:50 am

    Today we received this feature request for tasks:

    Add "Priority" assignment to tasks (or change Severity from preset options). Allow to assign numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. and list in Tasks table so that you can sort by this field.

    We have plans to add Milestones which will be a group of tasks or freestyle lists to help manage priorities. We do not have plans to add in priority at the task level because that is the intent of the severity field. I am curious to get thoughts from others on this? Are severities working as intended or is some tuning needed? Should they be treated like the other defaults where they are customizable?
    I think customizeable severities would be a great feature. It would make task prioritising much more flexible and more adaptable to different working styles.
    I've commented in another thread about how useful it would be to use 'severity' as an indicator of how much work is involved in a task. Using this I could look across a list of tasks and instantly see what has the most work to be done, and the least time to do it in. As work gets carried out on a task, the tasks severity/involvement could be reduced (by the user) to reflect the new workload.

    I would love to see Priority Assignments. Maybe using your handy Java tools, there could be away to make it so that the numbers can be clicked, dragged, and placed in the list display, then hit the update button.

    Although I can really only see this working with individual or team tasks. It can't work in the View All list. It number "1"s will conflict with each other. Or maybe that won't matter.

    • Lisa
    • Apr 29th 2008
    When is this due for implementation do you think?
    If you are referring to the milestones piece, it is presently under development and we are hoping to have it live sometime this quarter.

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