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link to another online application?

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    Is it possible to add a link to an online application we use to a task or project? If so, how or where . Thanks
    To clarify, we'd like to be able to open the link to another application we frequently use while we're in a task or project.
    If you are adding a comment or summary to a task a link can be created by enabling the "advanced editor". There are options to turn items into links, specify the target, etc. Will that do the trick?

    Is there a way to turn on the "advanced editor" for project notes, as well as comments and summaries?
    We'd like to use bold and italics within project notes that we take during meetings.


    When adding project notes or task comments, URLs in the text will automatically be converted to links. Simply type in the URL of the online application you would like to link to and Intervals will do the rest.

    The advanced editor is not available for project notes. Only task comments and summaries are supported. If you would like to request it be added to project notes, please log into your Intervals account and click the "feature request" link. Fill out the form and submit it and this will generate an official request in our customer management database. It is also the best way to ensure that your support for such new features is officially counted.

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