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    Is there a way to view only those tasks whose status has changed in a given time period? i.e. show me all tasks that have been marked as closed from 10/15-11/1.
    • Michael
    • Nov 12th 2007 edited @ 05/30/2008 2:15 pm

    Presently there is not a way to run a "closed task" report over a certain time span, but we have been kicking around a few similar ideas.

    1. A Closed Task report - select a start and end date and the client or project
    2. A Freestyle Task report - search by status (verify & close, close, open, etc.), date range, assignee, etc.
    3. Add an 'activity log' system wide, but make it easy to filter down - globally or for a single project you could look at when all time was added, project notes, task comments, status changes, etc. and filter it down to only what is needed

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