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Export task list to CSV

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    • Michael
    • Nov 9th 2007 edited @ 11/09/2007 8:48 am
    Would love to pull the list of tasks into an excel CSV file and modify it like that.

    We received this exact request twice within a few minutes of each other so I imagine others have the same need. One of the things that is unique about Tasks as opposed to other areas of Intervals is the potential for a lot of different information. A task has comments, history, status, time, documents, etc.

    What would be exported in an ideal world?

    1. Would only what is visible in the task listing be exported (severity, task #, title, project, assigned to, due, status)?

    2. Would everything about the task be exported (all comments, time entries, etc.)?

    3. Would hi level information be exported? Pretty much like #1, but without everything like #2. Maybe everything that goes into the top 1/2 when the task is created.


    Exporting tasks is officially live. The "export this list to CSV" on the task listing page will export all of the tasks for the current pretty much what is visible. The CSV includes just about everything associated with the task except for the individual time chunks. There are three columns for time: total time, billable time, and unbillable time.

    This export to CSV functionality has also been layered in on the project listing page, client listing, people listing, and invoice listing page.

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