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Feature Requests

A repoort or listing of Projects by Client

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    We recently received this request:

    It would be really great if, when I wanted to print a list of active projects, I could print them grouped by Client: Ex: list of all active projects for Client A, then all active projects for Client B, and so on. Just think it would be a nice feature.

    We have a weekly meeting every week where we plan out our week and we manually do it right now. It feels like an opportunity to have Intervals handle it and we have received similar feature requests to the one above. For example:

    The request was fueled more by how we would normally have weekly production meetings. We’d print out reports, that listed “jobs / projects” sorted by clients, then we’d review each, status, next to do, etc. If I were able to view all task, sorted by clients, we could replicate this procedure.

    It would be great to get feedback on this "hi level" project view by client. This is just a quick brainstorm that hasn't been thought through too deeply:

    Project Name Project # Estimate vs Actual
    Overdue tasks (4)
    Task # Task Name Due Date Etc.

    Task Starting this week (3)
    Task # Task Name Due Date Etc.

    Tasks Due this week (4)
    Task # Task Name Due Date Etc.

    We have some projects with a lot of tasks so it might get overwhelming. Also, the number of projects could be massive, but we actively developing multi select for most reports so that you can group and view only the items you want to view. We are developing this for a new report that allows you to view the status of a few projects together.

    For example, we usually have 4 or 5 larger projects and 30+ maintenance projects going on at the same time. The 4 or 5 big projects total hours, start and stop dates really dictate how much billable work we need. It sounds like others have the same issue so we are actively trying to help view the situation more clearly.

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