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    We have to use another online product for our calendar-- is there any plan to incorporate in the near future?

    A calendar view is in the short-term road-map.

    Here is a forum post on the topic:

    There are a few other changes that will tie into this:
    1. Modifying the "creation" date on a task to be a true "start" date
    2. Milestones - being able to group tasks together with notes to view progress and status
    3. Modifying the home page to be a true calendar view while also showing tasks starting this week, tasks ending this week and more vital information about the what needs to get done this week vs. the bigger picture
    4. Better priority management so that an important task doesn't get lost in the volume

    Feel free to weigh in on the biggest features that add the most value. It is really easy to over develop a Calendar very quickly and make it complicated so we are being careful to get it right.

    thanks Michael - we wanted a general group calendar not tied to a task so we don't have to use another online product in addition to intervals. Some of these calendars do interface with websites, I wonder if we could actually view a product we select like and use within intervals, is that possible? Any projections on completion of your calendar function as described? I can see where we could create a task for sales appointments possibly once the calendar view is complete

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