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Currency Setting per Project

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    We recently received this question:

    Is there a way to have different currencies associated with different projects. This is important to us as we have clients from different locations.

    Presently with Intervals the Locale extends across the entire Intervals account. The date format and currency are tied into the locale. This request would break the Locale setting into only date / time formatting while currency could be manipulated at the Project level. A sort of "currency setting for this project". It could get tricky pretty quick with billable rates, expenses, invoicing, etc. I am curious to get thoughts from others on this one.
    yes this would be very helpful for us as we too have clients from multiple locations and the invoice module is useless if we are not able to bill the client in their respective currencies.

    Very useful suggestion. Actually, I arrived at this thread by searching for 'multiple currencies' We are a starting law firm in Belarus, it is our policy to bill our clients in euros whenever possible. However, from time to time we must concede to our clients' desires and bill them in Belarusian roubles (which is btw, not an option at all under the current version of intervals) or US dollars. Generally, if the clients' request to bill him in a currency other than the euro is not obviously harmful for us - we will always agree to this. However, Intervals, as it is now - does not support this option.
    Interestingly, as the locale settings are, although we are located in Belarus, I must choose Ireland as our locale, because, this is the only way to have the date and currency settings adequate for our needs.

    This would be super useful and is a major limitation to the program in an increasing globalized economy - any efforts to have this option soonest would truly keep Intervals as a competitive option - thank you
    Waiting for this functionality as well. Our projects are in Australia and Europe. At this stage we can't use the invoicing part of the system because only one currency can be used. Understand that reporting might be an issue but with a simple reference table with exchange rates, this is not too hard to do.

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