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Do notes or can projects notes auto email to users?

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    If I add a note to a project, will it or can it automatically email users assigned to that projects?
    Interesting idea. Presently it works the other way around. If a user other than the Project Manager for a project adds a project note, the Project Manager will receive an email alert. This is an email preference that can be turned on or off in the My Account section. We could extend this functionality to Resources and Manager level users?
    • jnhearne
    • Feb 7th 2008 edited @ 10/02/2008 2:52 pm
    Heck Yes!!!!!!! Please!!!!

    I would also love this feature for Document uploads.

    We will just turn off Document upload notification for those who don't even need it. Maybe next to the people who are assigned to the project are marked with Checkmarks for Document upload notification and Project notes Notification.

    Better to have the feature and turn it off instead of Not have it and wonder what Hay is going on with a project.

    We are actually trying to use email to keep up with Project Problems and status. This is completely absurd as you all know.

    I would love this Feature
    I would like this as well. There are always more than the two way street of assignee and manager who need to be in the loop.


    Coming from Basecamp, this is perhaps the biggest hole in our current process as we contemplate the move into Intervals.

    Right now, we ask clients to create To-Dos for us and assign to the appropriate person. I like that in Intervals they submit a request and the project manager takes it from there. Very nice.

    However, there isn't a place for non-task driven communication. Sure, they can leave a note, but the note seems to stand alone. No one can comment on it.

    In Basecamp, we discourage using email, and instead use Messages or comments on ToDos to communicate information. Having the conversation right in the software has the benefit of putting it all in one place for everyone to have access to, even if they weren't initially in on the conversation.

    I'd be interested to hear how you guys manage your client communication. Is it all just email? Or all by task submission? If you have plans for more advanced features with notes like comments or choosing who to notify, that'd be great to know too.



    At Pelago we handle client communication through task notes. They way we typically do it is we'll update a task with a message/note intended for the client, who is usually set up in Intervals as an executive user. Then we check the box to allow the executive user to view the comment and again check the box to have the note emailed to them. This way, the note is emailed to the customer and noted on the task. This has been helpful when multiple people are working on one task, as they can quickly see the last communications made with the client.

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