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Client Address Should update in Invoice

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    When a client moves during a job we have their old address on the invoice when we update their address info. Invoice goes to their old address and they say they never got it. So we think they are lying. Nope just that the address in the invoice section does not.
    Presently the invoice is a snapshot of all data at the moment the invoice was created. This is true for for the address and for time if the invoice was created on actual work performed. Say for example an invoice is created, then a few hours are deleted from the project, they would still exist on the invoice. This is done so that the invoice lives on its own and doesn't have too many hooks into everything else. We actually experimented with having them more integrated, but it got tricky very quick. In the hour example, an invoice would be created $5,000 say, but then it changed itself to $4,600. You are left wondering what happened to make them different. Address seems like it could be the exception to that, but if it were automatically updated it may look like the invoice was sent to the correct address.

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