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Cross linking Payments and Invoices

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    So I was just looking at the Dashboard of one of my projects. I saw that I had some "payments" for a project. But when I went to look at the invoice that was created for the project, there were no payments in the "Add a payment" section.

    I remembered in an effort to understand "Payments" from Project view on the left, I added some payments as fake. I forgot to delete them and once I had gotten use to "Add a payment" in invoice, I was confused to where the "payment" was coming from.

    You probably have a few people who use the "Payments" field already so getting rid of it is not a solution. But Crosslinking the Project "payment" with Invoice's "Add a payment" would be helpful.


    The Payments and Invoices should indeed be cross linked. I wonder if it is a bug?

    A payment can be added from the Payment section or a payment can be posted directly on an Invoice. Regardless of where the payment is posted, it should show up in both places. The Payment section was created prior to Invoicing and we debated removing it, but we learned that some Intervals users invoice through a third party system, but still like to post payments within Intervals to track retainers, maintenance contracts, etc.


    i am also trying to understand this

    created a client
    created a project
    created a payment to give the client credit for their pre-payment

    checked the client page and it is showing green ($500) outstanding balance and total payments of $500.

    then created an invoice can't find any way to debit their available $500 credit. tried using "project credit" but that appears to give them even more credit. is there not a way to debit their credit balance as payment? if not, what is the purpose of adding payments outside of an invoice; and could you consider this a feature request?


    • yourmanstan
    • Dec 13th 2008 edited @ 12/13/2008 7:47 am

    so i think i figured it out...

    apparently you can enter a payment and assign it to nothing, or to a single invoice. if assigned to nothing, it doesn't really affect anything. if assigned to an invoice, the full amount will be applied to the invoice.

    this is good because it does allow you to track all payments, retainers, etc. But i wish it was a little smarter. a payment of $1000 on a $500 invoice doesn't roll over the excess into credit for the client. it only shows shows the project outstanding balance to be negative.

    payments entered on the payment page should be applied to client's credit. then an invoice should be able to debit the available credit. this way if a client has $1000 credit and a $700 invoice, we simply apply $700 from their credit and they are left with $300 remaining credit. i think the way it is now, we would have to manually go find the payments and do the math...which is cumbersome and prone to mistakes.

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