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Close a task in one step

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    We all love shortcuts…here’s one we’ve provided to quickly set a task status to Close without having to update the task. Just simply click on the 'Close' link on the left navigation when viewing a task.

    Almost as fast: If you're on a task list on the Task View, Milestone detail view, or Calendar/Home View, you can right-click a Task and select Close.

    In a similar way, you can right-click a Milestone on the Milestone tab, and select Set Complete. In my testing, this will not close tasks that are attached to the Milestone, but will mark the Milestone as complete.

    I might suggest that a script might check for any unclosed tasks, and present either a message that this Milestone has tasks that have not yet been closed, with the option to Close Associated Tasks or View Milestone. Ideally, it should present the Milestone highlighting unclosed task name link, status, and take action on those or undo the Set Complete.


    Glad to hear that our customers are discovering and enjoying the right-click actions on task lists. We find them incredibly useful ourselves when updating tasks. Eventually we may extend the same functionality to projects.

    The quickest way to find unclosed tasks is to go to a task list and filter it by project or by milestone. Closed tasks are excluded from the task list by default, so everything that gets pulled up is unclosed.

    Another way to do it is to pull up the milestone in question, which will also render the task list excluding closed tasks by default.

    Meanwhile, we'll take your idea into consideration. Thanks for suggesting it. I can see how it would be very useful for doing task cleanup after a major project.

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