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Add the ability for Administrator level users to start, stop and apply other users timers

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    Presently, Administrator level users can see all of the timers running within Intervals, but they cannot start, stop or apply a timer on behalf of another user. Administrators can manually add time on behalf of others. Also, they can add, edit and delete other users time once it has been applied. The thinking behind this is that the timers are a tool to help people get their time entered. Once it is applied, then it becomes a "time chunk" that Administrator can manage.

    Thoughts? As an Administrator do you want the ability to apply other users timers?

    I would love to be able to stop timers If I see somebody has left their's on. I would also love to have the flexability to apply peoples time especially if the worker can't get to his or her computer, their on vacation, I gotta bill right away, etc.

    I am running into problems where people who aren't so used to using the Timer features (or Intervals for that matter) are leaving their timers running accidentally and when they bill us for their work, their time is inaccurately displayed and we can not account for the actual time spent. This is really annoying.

    As I am one who lays down the law - keep proper track of your time, or you don't get paid - I intend on enforcing that. The way it would help if I see someone has logged 537 hours on a project. I can stop the timer and delete the time all together with out waiting for him or her to stop it and edit it incorrectly and bill me falsely.

    This would be much appreciated.

    • jnhearne
    • Aug 17th 2009 edited @ 08/17/2009 11:17 am
    I don't know who is going to add thoughts to this but it's still something that needs to be done. We have workers who go on holiday and forget to apply their time to a project and we need to bill for it. We can not get a hold of the worker. And there are people who are just really bad at applying their time. It would be much easier for admin to apply the time instead of chase down the worker to do it


    I will support this.

    This feature is scheduled for development later this year. It is probably not a big enough feature to add to the roadmap forum discussion but it is currently scheduled for early Q4.
    • Michael
    • Oct 20th 2009 edited @ 10/20/2009 5:05 pm
    We just launched an update today that allows administrator level users to pause and apply timers for other users. This can be done by logging in and navigating over to time >> running timers. From the running timers page an administrator can now take action on the timers. Please give it a look and if you have any additional suggestions on how to make the functionality better please let us know.

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