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Resources see Admin, Manager, and other resource tasks?

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    Not really sure why this happens, but resource people can see Admin's, Manager's, and Other Resource's tasks and log time on them for them selves... I don't get why this would be a good thing.

    It would make sense that resources can only see tasks assigned to them and that's it. They should not see everyone's task. Managers should see theirs and resource tasks. and Admins see everyone.

    Is there a greater goal in mind here? would love to know how to work around this.


    Resource level users can indeed see the tasks for other members of the same Project Team and can add time to the tasks. This is deliberate as task permissions in Intervals are built around project teams. Team members can collaborate with others working on the same project. This same thinking is used with Project Notes where each member of the team can see all of the project notes for that particular project.

    We rely on this team approach quite a bit. For example, it is not uncommon for one of us to say "John, I see you are working on the document uploader, I think a lot of that same mechanism can be used for a piece I am working on" OR "can both of you spend an hour working on task 784 to see if we can get it knocked out."


    I get it, but does that not contradict "assigning a task to a particular individual" instead of to a "team"?

    I can understand wanting a team to have a task and all associated with that team could click the same timer... it would definitely reduce the amount of tasks you would have to create for individual "Assignees". It just seems like you would reduce your accidental time recording by having the ability to hide tasks no one needs other than yourself needs to click. But I guess that is a preference.

    I appreciate you getting back with me.

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