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Time In - Time Out

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    I was recently confronted by a question from an employee about time in and Time out.

    The question was, "If I'm doing double duty, that is billable to client, then why would I stop the timer if I jump to another project. I can sometimes kill 3 birds with one stone, but we would want to bill them all the same, not split the difference."

    I don't want this employee showing he worked 20 hours in one day. That means I will be possibly responsible for OT to pay him.

    My Solution to this problem would be User "Home" Dashboard - time in / time out. Or time in / time out on the Bar across the top so it is always visible. This would allow me to bill clients for exactly the stuff they ordered and allow me to know that my employee did not go into OT for that client.

    Please, this is important. I'd like to know If this is even possible.

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