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Viewing Invoice after created.

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    I can't seem to view my invoices after I create them. What gives? I create an invoice and then I click the link so I can see them as I entered the info. When I click the Name of the project for the invoice I am taken to the Dashboard of the project. Help!

    It sounds like some of the cross linking within Intervals may be causing some confusion. The detail page for a task is a good example. You can click on the person who made a comment and get taken over to their profile in the people section or click on the project name to be taken to the project dashboard. We have received a healthy amount of requests to add more and more of this cross linking.

    The invoice listing works in a similar fashion. In the screenshot below:

    1. The invoice number is a link to the detailed view of the invoice
    2. The project name is a link to the project for that particular invoice
    3. If the row is clicked on while highlighted, the row itself is also a link to the invoice details

    invoice listing

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