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Can't see Employee's Task Timers Running

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    Is this a bug? I have a couple of employees running task timers. When I filter tasks to show me the tasks they have running on their computer, I don't see the progress. Is this normal? I now it may seem like micromanaging but everyonce in a while you get a rouge worker who doesn't care about whether he stops the clock or not or what project he is on. I would like to eliminate that by being able to see their tasks running in my login.

    As an Administrator other users running timers are visible. In the Time section there is a "Running Timers" report in the subnavigation (Time >> Running Timers). This shows all running timers and each column has click to sort so that it can be grouped by person, project, most time, etc.

    Also, on the task detail page if there is a running timer for someone other than the user who is presently logged it it will be displayed in the left column. For example:

    Running Timers
    Hugo Prado (0:39:06)

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